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Hi my name is Francesca. I'm a nintendoholic and have been for 15 years now. I'm still coping with my addiction and if you find yourself in the same position, please feel free to join this group.

On a more serious note (lol), this is a community for nintendo enthusiasts to discuss history, information, breaking news and any other miscellaneous information pertaining to our beloved company.

Also, if you hate a certain Florida lawyer as much as I do for causing unecessary trouble in the gaming industry, feel free to bash him as much as you would like, 24/7 even if you so choose. In this community, we will refer to him as "Captain Douchebag" to avoid Captain Douchebag from turning into the whiny little bitch he is and calling the FBI on every single one of us.

If you have a gripe with Nintendo or simply want to come here to bash and/or troll around, this community isn't for you.

The moderators of this community are sumersangel203 and mrjack5304


1). There will be no trolling of any sort, nor will any personal attacks towards other members be tolerated.

2). Advertising for other communities not pertained to anything Nintendo is not allowed.

3). Please be courteous and put any large image files under a cut.

4). Selling anything pertaining to Nintendo is fine, but please also put these under a cut.

Other than that, have fun :-)